Pattern Sets

This page consists of items that the U.S. Mint either made or sold as complete sets. Original sets are extremely rare today and are usually found only in museum collections or in real old collections. Those in the Garrett and Eliasberg collections have long since been broken up.

Some of these pages contain multiple images of different sizes and may take some time to open. Please be patient. Also, due to the availability of images, some pages may show photographs of coins struck in different compositions.

The illustrated 1871 copper set above is courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg's Coins & Collectibles from their Feb 2003 auction. For more on these sets, click on the "Off Metal Trial Sets" below.

Off Metal Trial Sets
Off Metal Trial Sets

1858 One Cent 12 Piece Set

1865 Gold In God We Trust Set

1866 No Motto Silver Set

1868 Minor Nickel Set 1

1868 Minor Nickel Set 2

1869 Minor Nickel Set

1869 Standard Silver Set

1870 Standard Silver Set 1

1870 Standard Silver Set 2

1870 Barber Set 1

1870 Barber Set 2

1871 Longacre Starless Set 1

1871 Longacre Starless Set 2

1871 Longacre With Stars Set 1

1871 Longacre With Stars Set 2

1872 Amazonian Silver Set

1872 Amazonian Gold Set

1873 Trade Dollar Set

1879 Washlady Set

1879 Morgan Silver Set

1879 Barber Goloid Set

1879 Morgan Goloid Set

1880 Barber Goloid Set

1880 Morgan Goloid Set

1881 Minor Nickel Set

1882 Shield Earring Set

1883 5 Cent Nickel Set

1965 Martha Washington Lucite Block
1965 Martha Washington Lucite Block