Click to enlargeJA1867-15/P3329

Obverse and reverse hub trials of the incomplete design of the Liberty head without star on coronet used on J566-J567/P627-P568 struck in copper.

According to the description in Pollock, it has the letters in the legend spaced differently then on splasher JA1867-14/P3326.

This has the point on Liberty's coronet pointing past the second S in States whereas on JA1867-14/P3326 it points to the directly to the letter T. The reverse is very weakly struck.

It is believed to be unique and is ex Lohr, Batchelder, R.B. White, Bowers and Merena 9/89, Dr A. Roter, S. Downey, M. Byers, Stacks 7/08.

Photo courtesy of Mike Byers.