Click to enlargeJ2180/P4100

A cent struck using the Mint's Martha Washington dies has been reported and purchased by Michael Byers, member #88. It was purchased along with an example of J2101/P2082. For more on this piece, click here.

This design was first used in 1965. The obverse was designed by Edward R. Grove and the reverse is by Philip Fowler. This design has since become the Mint's all-purpose dies for testing new alloys.

It is likely that this piece was struck outside the Mint from one of the vendors the Mint gave these dies to. Among the possibilities include IDX Inc, PMX Industries and the Olin Brass Corporation. Because of this, we have assigned it number P4100.

The reason for their striking may have been to test the new copper coated zinc planchets for the Mint. If this is the case, then this was probably struck around 1982.

The illustrated piece was offered in Heritage 11/03 sale and was graded NGC66RB. A second example, graded NGC64RED, was offered in Heritage 1/04 sale. Since that time several more have shown up and there are now over a dozen confirmed in the marketplace.

There are also at least 2 mint errors struck on dime planchets. For more on these pieces, click here.

An obverse die trial in copper struck from either cent or dime dies is also known. For more on this, click here.

Photo courtesy of Michael Byers.