Click to enlargeJ888/P987

The standard silver design. These were sold in sets with the other designs and denominations for $15. To view a complete set, click here.

These were struck in the following combinations:

Silver with reeded edge J888/P987 This is fairly common and is known on both thin 77 grain and thick 84 grain planchets.

Silver/copper with reeded edge J888A/P987A which is unique and is ex Johnson (Nov 1898), Hall, Brand (journal #49986:112) and was offered to F.C.C. Boyd by B.G. Johnson in a July 16, 1941 invoice as imaged below.

Images are from Dr Hall's collection notebook and B.G. Johnson invoices taken from the Newman Numismatic Portal.

Silver with plain edge J889/P988 About a dozen are known.

Copper with reeded edge J890/P989 About a dozen are known.

Copper with plain edge J891/P990 About half a dozen are known.

Aluminum with reeded edge J892/P992 Less than a half dozen are known.

Aluminum with plain edge J893/P993 Less than a half dozen are known.

Nickel with reeded edge J893A/P991 Discovered by PCGS and was first shown in the March 22, 1993 edition of Coin World and ex Simpson-LegendAuctions 1/17, Simpson-Heritage 4/21, Heritage 8/22 ANA, 8/20/23 - PCGS64 and appears to either be a flipover double strike mint error or else the dies clashed damaging the reverse die as part of United States of America appears on the reverse under the wreath. It weighs almost 77 grains and is illustrated below courtesy of PCGS.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.