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The rare transitional issue featuring the obverse with raised Liberty, the so-called "Curved Date", combined with the regular reverse die used on 1837 half dollars.

Only 2 are confirmed and both are originals with confused pedigrees.

1) Mickley, Cohen, Parmelee, Steigerwalt, Dewitt Smith, Granberg-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Col Green, Judd (per B.G. Johnson 7/23/43 invoice), Farris, Witham-Auction 81, Bass, Southern collection as NGC63, Simpson-Heritage 11/20 - PCGS63, illustrated above.

This is the Judd plate coin!! Breen had Woodin owning this but I believe Granberg got it when he purchased the Smith silver coinage.

2) Farouk, Krouner, Coronet Coin FPL, Merkin 2/71, StacksBowers 8/13 ANA - PCGS62, cleaned and laquered, illustrated below.

Note: When Kosoff sold the Judd coin, he described it as ex-Brand but the Judd book plated #1 above and a photo containing some of Dr Judd's coins, in the possession of Saul Teichman also plates #1 and, finally, this pattern does not appear in the Brand journals.

Breen lists a third as ex Brock, University of Pennsylvania. This has not seen by us and is believed to be an error. Breen also mentions in his "Comprehensive Encyclopedia" that 2 restrikes are known. We doubt their existence. If restrikes do exist, they would have been struck using the obverse die with Liberty incused, the so-called straight date. To see both obverse dies side by side, click here.

Photos courtesy of Saul Teichman and PCGS.