Click to enlargeJ641/P713

This design has the regular seated obverse but without a date combined with a reverse where the date has been placed below the denomination and with a star above.

Examples were struck as follows: To see all available images, click here.

Nickel J641/P713 with about a dozen known.

Copper J642/P714 with the following 2 confirmed:

1) Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library.

2) Woodin, Newcomer, Farouk, G.H. Wolfe-Heritage 1/00, Stacks 12/03, Dave Cassel-Heritage 8/15 ANA, StacksBowers 5/19 - PCGS63BN

The listing in silver for J640/P712 has been discredited by the research of David Cassel.

David Cassel's book on Postage Currency Patterns is now available. For more on this, click