Click to enlargeJ602/P667

Although described as regular dies trial pieces, this was more likely deliberately struck for sale to collectors as part of complete copper sets.

T. Harrison Garrett had one, a double set with only one eagle was apparently stolen from the Iowa State Historical Museum and a 4th set missing the half dollar was offered in Europe.

A half dozen are known as noted below. To view all available images, click here.

1) Britton-G Cogan 1/1883, Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76 in set, B/M 8/87 ANA, Superior 10/89, B/M 9/94, Simpson-Heritage 2/21, Atherton-Heritage 5/23 - PCGS64RB, illustrated above, click on the thumbnail to enlarge

2) Monaco 10/22 set - NGC63RB

3) RARCOA 4/76, RARCOA-Auction 86, J.E. Drew-B/M 3/96 - proof 62rb cleaned and retoning

4) Bolt-Stacks 4/66, Heritage 8/01 as PCGS60BN, Rau-Heritage 4/18 - NGC62BN

5) Rarcoa-Auction 80 as XF, Heritage 2/05 & Heritage 1/09 FUN as ANACS AU details, scratched, cleaned, Heritage 6/11 - PCGS genuine XF details, scratched

6) Stolen from the Iowa State Historical Museum

An example listed in nickel as J603/P668 has not been confirmed and likely does not exist. We believe the listing in Adams & Woodin for AW602 was meant to be copper.

Photo courtesy of PCGS.