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The regular dies trial piece. The copper examples were more likely deliberately struck for sale to collectors as part of complete sets. Four copper sets have been accounted for. T. Harrison Garrett had one, a mostly complete double set was apparently stolen from the Iowa State Historical Museum and a 4th set missing the half dollar was offered in Europe in 2022.

We can only account for the following 5 examples: To see all available images, click here.

1) Britton-G Cogan 1/1883, Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76 in set, B/M 8/87 ANA, Superior 10/89 as NGC64RB, Superior 5/93 as PCGS65RB, B/M 7/04 as PCGS65RB, ANR 1/04 as PCGS65RB, Goldberg 6/05 as PCGS65RB, Goldberg 5/06, Goldberg 5/07, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 ANA, Heritage 12/21 PCGS66RB

2) Monaco 10/22 set NGC66RB

3) Brenner-1914 ANS?, Brand?, Kagins 5/68?, Kagins 5/72?, Heritage 8/95 ANA as PCGS64RB, Superior 1/04, Simpson-Heritage 8/10 ANA NGC65RB, illustrated above, click on the thumbnail image to enlarge

4,5) Stolen from the Iowa State Historical Museum

Photo courtesy of Superior.