Click to enlargeJ454/P528

The so-called regular dies trial piece in copper. It was more than likely deliberately struck for sale for a collector.

This is much rarer than the transitional pattern J452-J453/P524-P527 with only the following 2 confirmed.

1) Bolt-Stacks 4/66, unknown intermediaries, Simpson-Heritage 1/24 FUN - PCGS66RB, illustrated above courtesy of PCGS. Click on the thumbnail image to enlarge.

2) Kagin 1/75?, B/M 6/88, Heritage 1/01 - PCGSVF25, illustrated below of Heritage.

Others are likely from A.S. Jenks (4/1877), Parmelee (6/1890), Stickney (6/1907), Woodin 1914 ANS-Newcomer, Curtis (Kosoff 2/1950) and Farouk (2/1954).