Click to enlargeJ440 - 1865 Restrike 3 Dollar

Although Breen/Judd list this as a restrike using the obverse of 1872 with a reverse die with the date sloping up to the right, according to research by John Dannreuther, the obverse is actually a die first used in 1869.

Delisted by Pollock, only two examples of this restrike, J440, are known in gold. One is ex Boyd, Judd, Wilkison,Bass, HWBRF-Heritage 1/23 FUN - PCGS65 and is illustrated above. The other, illustrated below, is ex-Farouk, Heritage 3/99, Kagins, Heritage 1/2019 FUN - NGC61.

Both might have been made in the late 1860s or early 1870s to be included with the 1865 with motto gold patterns J445/P517, J449/P521 and J452/P524.

A similar one dollar gold coin, also with the date sloping up to the right, is mentioned in Breen's proof book. An example was sold in one of the Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation sales. To view this piece, click here.

Are there any restrike 1865 quarter eagles out there ?

About a half dozen are known in copper as J441/P516. Judd listed a silver example J441A but it was really a silver-plated copper example of the above.

Photo courtesy of Kagins.