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The 1863 eagle with "God Our Trust" inscribed on a scroll above the eagle's head struck in gold.

It is unique and is ex Col Cohen (Cogan 10/1875), Ely (Woodward 1/1884), Woodward's 69th (10/1884), Garrett-JHU, Bowers and Ruddy 3/1980, Superior 1/88, Simpson-Legend 4/22, Heritage 5/24 - PCGS64.

According to a notation in George Eckfeldt's journal:

"August 2nd 1863 Struck 2 gold pieces of "God is our Trust" with scroll & one without on ten dollar planchets. They were struck for the chief coiner Mr. Broomall. The only 2."

This was also struck in copper J350/P422 with about 2 dozen or so believed to exist. They are usually bronzed or gilted.

George Eckfeldt's journal notes the following with regard to the copper examples:

Nov 17th 1863. Struck 20 sets of copper 10 dollar pieces "God is our Trust".

Pollock mentions the possibility that more than one obverse die was used.

Photo is from The History of United States Coinage by Dave Bowers.

Eckfeldt journal images courtesy of Alan Meghrig.