Click to enlargeJ1915/P2006

The regular Augustus St Gaudens 1907 high relief design struck in lead. Regrettably, the coin's surface is well pitted. This used to be J1778B in earlier editions.

Only 2 examples are known, one pictured in Judd and the other, illustrated, in the ANS.

There is also an example, struck in gold with plain edge J1914/P2005. This used to be J1778C in earlier editions. It was discovered in the 1960s. It is ex Victor H. Weill; Schulman Coin & Mint Auction of April 26, 1972, lot 80 (at $43,500); private collection; Ron Gillio; Pacific Coast Auction Galleries September 1989; MTB Banking Corporation; Stacks 1/06. It was also illustrated on page 61 of the August 2, 1989 edition of Coin World.

Although this is listed as a pattern, it is now believed to actually be a mint error. High reliefs took 3 strikes to bring up the detail. The first 2 strikes were done using a plain edge collar. It was only on the last striking from the dies that the lettered edge collar was used. This piece was either struck in error without changing the collar or may not have received a last striking. In this regard, it is probably similar to the unique plain edge example of the ultra high relief J1908/P2000.

Photo courtesy of the American Numismatic Society, accession number 1949.156.11.