Click to enlargeJ1905/P1998

The Saint Gauden's Indian Head double eagle. This obverse design ultimately became the regular design for the eagle. This used to be J1776 in earlier editions.

This is one of the most famous and valuable of all the pattern designs. It is struck in high relief but not as high as the Ultra High Relief J1907-J1909/P2000-P2003. This used to be J1778 in earlier editions.

The example in gold J1905/P1998 is unique and has the following pedigree ex Barber, Newcomer, Boyd, Edgar H. Adams, Numismatic Gallery, Farouk, Kosoff, Wilkison, Paramount, A-Mark, Julian M. Leidman, 1981 ANA lot 2434, Hancock and Harwell, Auction 84, Private East Coast collector.

There is also an unique example struck in lead J1906/P1999 in the ANS via Martin Kortjohn. This used to be J1777 in earlier editions.

Additional information can be found in Judd, Pollock and David Akers 'United States Gold Pattern' book.

Image courtesy of David Akers.