Click to enlargeJ1901/P1995

The so-called "Wire Edge with Periods" variety designed by Augustus St. Gaudens. This used to be J1774 in earlier editions.

Research by Roger Burdette, that later appeared in the May, 31 2004 edition of Coin World has determined that 542 examples were struck, 500 in late August to early September 1907 and an additional 42 between September and December 31. 70 of these pieces were later melted. All of these were circulation strikes and not patterns.

His research has discovered that true patterns for this design do exist and they were struck using a hurriedly made edge collar which has 2 large stars at one end of the tri-partite collar as shown below.

3 examples with this edge are in the Smithsonian. It is not known if there are any others.

Two examples were struck with a plain edge J1902/P1996. This used to be J1774A in earlier editions and is also listed in Breen's encyclopedia as Breen-7095. These were actually the first pieces struck. One of these was sold in Heritage's 2003 FUN, southern collection, Stacks 7/08, 2010 ANA, 2012 FUN sales, Tyrant collection - NGC62, the other is unlocated.

Dave Bowers has provided us with an article regarding the history surrounding this design. To view this article, click here.

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.