Click to enlargeJ1640/P1840

George Morgan's coiled hair design in aluminum.

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It was also part of a goloid set. To view Morgan's set which included this design, click here.

Examples were also struck as follows: To see images of all of these, click here.

Gold J1638/P1838 with 13 confirmed.

Copper J1639/P1839 with about a dozen known.

Aluminun J1640/P1840 with the following 5 known.

1) Maris-H.P. Smith, 6/1886, Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76, Bass-HWBRF - PCGS64

2) Merkin, 9/67, Sloss, Superior 10/74, 79 ANA, Superior 8/04, Stacks 7/08 as NGC67, Simpson - PCGS67

3) Rarcoa, 5/71, Steve Ivy 2/83, Heritage 88 ANA, Queller-Heritage 1/09 - NGC66

4) Paramount 6/75 Rare Coin list #10, Browning-Dallas Bank Collection (Sotheby's/Stacks, 10/01), Heritage 1/09 as NGC63, Simpson-Heritage 4/21 - PCGS63 illustrated above identifiable by a defect at 9:00 on obverse running through star *.3

5) Smithsonian, donated in 1993, gilt weighs 19.84 grains.

Note: The gilt Auction '80, Auction '83, MARCA 5/90? - gilt example, later reappeared in -StacksBowers 8/11 ANA NGC61 gilt as copper. An aluminum piece should weigh in the 19-20 grain range whereas a copper example should weigh in the 55-60 grain range.

At least 5 of these were part of the following sets.

1) Maris (1886), Garrett-JHU, Stacks 3/76, Harry W. Bass Jr. Research Foundation

2) Woodin 1914 ANS exhibit-Newcomer

3,4) ex Virgil Brand from Adams on 3/13/11 (journal #57097) and Boyd on 1/28/21 (journal #105737)

5) Jackson (U.S Coin 5/13), Elder 2/21

White Metal J1641/P1841 which is unique.

Photo courtesy of Sotheby's from their Browning sale catalog.