Click to enlargeJ1635/P1832/P1833

Charles Barber's Flowing hair design in gold. This is the most common of all gold patterns with several hundred known.

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Example struck in goloid P1832 and standard gold P1833 are noted. As silver is often found in regular issue proofs, it is unclear if those tested such as the Simpson example is goloid or standard. The planchet stock was rolled such that the gold examples have striated surfaces. These were believed to have been struck from shaved half eagle stock.

These were sold in sets to Congressman with examples of J1617/P1813 and J1626/P1822 for $6.10 and later to collectors for $15. To view Barber's set which included this design, click here. The earliest occurrence appears to be in S.K. Harzfeld's June 1880 sale.

They were also struck in the following metals.

J1636/P1834 copper with over a dozen are known.

J1637/P1835 aluminum with at least 5 known.

J1637A/P1836 white metal unique ex N.M. Kaufman.

A second obverse die is known by a single example in copper J1636A/P1837 whose pedigree dates back to the 1906 H.P. Smith sale lot 1447. It has since been gilted.

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Photo courtesy of Jay Parrino's The Mint LLC.