Click to enlargeJ1493/P1646

Although this is described as a regular dies trial piece in copper, it was actually deliberately struck for sale to collectors in sets with the other denominations of this year. This design often got confused with J1489/P1642. The regular dies trial piece has the tip of Liberty's coronet near star 7 as opposed to equidistant between stars 6 and 7.

We can account for 5 examples. To view all available images, click

1) Merkin 9/67, Merkin 6/70, Kreisberg 9/71, Bass-B/M 5/99 (lot 1413 as J1489) as PCGS66BN, Heritage 2/02 Internet sale as PCGS66BN, Simpson-Heritage 1/24 FUN - PCGS67BN

2) NERCA 7/79 ANA, Queller-Heritage 1/09 FUN as NGC66RB, Simpson-Heritage 1/24 FUN - PCGS66RB

3) Kosoff 11/85 lot 1106, Superior 9/86 - proof64rb with a spot above the 87 and date

4) Gilhousen-Superior 2/73, Bass-B/M 5/99 (lot 1414 as J1489), Heritage 8/01 as NGC63, Heritage 1/07 FUN as NGC64, Simpson-Heritage 1/24 FUN - PCGS64 gilt

5) Hydeman-Kosoff 3/61, Kosoff-B/M 11/85 lot 1107, Superior 9/86, MARCA 8/87, Superior 6/97 - XF battered and scratched

Virgil Brand appears to have owned 3 that were purchased from Henry Chapman on 8/5/1916 and entered into his journals as #80746.

Judd lists these in aluminum J1494 but these are not confirmed to exist.

Photo courtesy of Heritage from their Queller-2009 FUN sale.