Click to enlargeJ1317/P1460

This is one of the designs that was sold by the mint in 6 piece sets. The sets were made in silver with both plain and reeded edges, copper and aluminum. To view the set, click, here.

This particular design exists in the following formats:

J1315/P1458 in silver with reeded edge with over 50 believed to exist.

J1316/P1459 in silver with plain edge with about a half dozen known including:

1) Pine Tree 1/76 FUN, Pine Tree 1/78 FUN, unknown intermediates, Simpson-Heritage 11/20 PCGS66

2) Heritage 8/15 PCGS62

3) StacksBowers 3/12 PCGS64

4) Superior 9/99, Heritage 4/17, Heritage 11/21 PCGSAU58

5) NERCA 1/81 FUN, Wyoming collection proof 63 with sea green toning

6) Superior 5/94 proof 63, possibly one of above

7) Dibello-Stacks 5/70, Crouch-Superior 6/77, NERCA 4/80 proof 63 brilliant with some lightness of strike in the centers, possibly one of above

J1317/P1460 in copper with reeded edge. About 10 are known. To see images of this and the following, click here.

J1318/P1461 in aluminum with reeded edge. Only the Mitchelson, Connecticut State Library and Farouk, Kagin 1/75, Wyoming collection examples are known.

J1319/P1462 in white metal with plain edge. Only the Woodin, Newcomer, Col Green, Boyd, Farouk, Bowers and Ruddy 3/81 sale, Wyoming collection and the Superior 2/91- NGC63 coins are known.