Click to enlargeJ1309/P1452

This design is extremely rare and were struck as follows: To see available images, click here.

Silver J1308/P1451. This coin is pedigreed to the Boyd and Guild collections and is probably the example graded PCGS64 in the PCGS population reports.

White Metal J1309/P1452 with only 2 known including:

1) Hewitt in 1972, Bass-HWBRF, B/M 5/99, B/M 8/07, Stacks 11/07 - PCGS62

2) Bolender, Vickery-72 ANA, Crouch-Superior 6/77, 1980 ANA, Wyoming collection.

The pedigrees listed for the non-existent J1326A and J1326B are actually for these coins.