Click to enlargeJ1117/P1253

The so-called regular dies trial piece. These are believed to have been deliberately struck for sale to collectors as part of complete off-metal sets as opposed to being true die trials.

Examples were struck as follows: To see all available images, click here.

Copper J1117/P1253 with the following 4 confirmed:

1) Stacks 10/58, Horn-Peters 1/75 FUN, Bowers 9/85, Superior 1/86, Tangible Assets inventory 4/01 as PCGS65RB, Superior 4/03 as NGC67RB, Simpson-Heritage 8/21, Heritage 12/21 PCGS66RB, illustrated above, click on the thumbnail image to enlarge

2) NERCA 7/79, SRCA 1/81, Goldberg 2/03, Superior 9/08 all as part of a copper set PCGS65RB

3) Superior 2/75, Heritage 1/18 FUN PCGS64BN

4) Heritage 1/99 FUN, Heritage 7/03, Heritage 11/03, Heritage 2/04, Goldberg 9/04, Stacks 8/07, B/M 8/10 ANA, Berngard-StacksBowers 3/12, Heritage 12/12, Heritage 2/13, Heritage 4/13, Scotsman 10/13, Heritage 1/15 FUN, Heritage 10/15, Heritage 4/16 NGC65BN with a ping above the O in DOL

Aluminum J1118/P1254 which has not been seen since the Farouk and/or Lohr Fixed Price List.

Nickel J1119/P1255 with only the illustrated piece below known. It is ex Woodin-1914 ANS, Newcomer, Boyd, Lohr, Cox-Stacks 4/62, Kosoff 8/66 ANA, Krouner, Coronet Coin FPL, Merkin 2/71, Crouch-Superior 6/77, Hughes 2/78, Heritage 1/04, Stacks 7/08 - PCGS64.

Photo courtesy of Heritage.