Click to enlargeJ108/P121

The 1839 Gobrecht obverse combined with the reverse of 1836.

This is a fantasy restrike in die alignment III. It was made sometime in the late 1860s to mid 1870s along with the unique copper example of J109/P122. For additional information on this and all copper Gobrecht dollars, click here.

The reverse, used only for restriking, has various die markers which are noted in the illustration below.

Apparently, 3 examples are known to exist today as follows. To see images of all known examples, click here.

1) Parmelee, DeWitt Smith, H.O. Granberg, Brand #92343, B/M 11/83 Brand I, Heritage 8/92, Share collection, ANR 1/04, southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 1/22 FUN - PCGS64, illustrated above, courtesy of Legend Numismatics.

2) Lohr, Miles-Stacks 4/69, Stacks 9/78, StacksBowers 3/17 - PCGS64

3) Curtis-Kosoff 2/50?, Farouk, R Green 7/54, Hawn-Stacks 10/93 (lacquered, rehabbed since), Dr. Korein, ANS - NGC62, illustrated below courtesy of Heritage.

Earlier pedigrees for the last 2 include

W.W.C. Wilson, Brand #90920, B.G. Johnson to Stacks on July 8, 1941 per Newman Numismatic Portal, Stacks 8/41 lot 1790 and the other is ex Newcomer, Col Green, (St. Louis Stamp & Coin-Eric Newman & B.G. Johnson), Boyd (B.G. Johnson 4/29/43 invoice). Regrettably, we do not know which pedigree belongs with which coin.

The listing in Pollock for a silver example with reeded edge P120 is unconfirmed and doubtful.

The unique copper example of
J109/P122 is ex Gschwend, Brand, B.G. Johnson to Stacks on July 8, 1941 per Newman Numismatic Portal, Stacks 8/41 lot 1791, Dr Judd. It was offered in several Abe Kosoff and Sol Kaplan Fixed Price Lists in the late 1960s and is currently in the Simpson collection.

For the latest information on this from Craig Sholley, John Dannreuther and Saul Teichman, click here. For the latest information on all Gobrecht dollars, click here courtesy of our friends at Heritage.