Click to enlargeJ1071/P1207

These regular dies trial pieces were actually deliberately struck for sale to collectors in sets.

These were struck in the following combinations: To see all available images, click here.

Copper J1071/P1207 with the following 4 confirmed:

1) NERCA 7/79 ANA, SRCA 1/81, Goldberg 2/03, Superior 9/08 always in set PCGS66RB

2) Superior 2/87, Simpson-Heritage 1/21 FUN PCGS65RB with spots in obverse field at 1:00 and 7:00

3) Heritage 3/06, Heritage 8/06 PCGS63BN

4) B/R 8/78 ANA, B/M 6/88, Superior 10/89, B/M 9/94, ANR 1/03, Heritage 7/03, ANR 3/04, Stacks 1/05 PCGS62BN, illustrated above, courtesy of American Numismatic Rarities, click on the image to enlarge

Aluminum J1072/P1208 with only 2 confirmed:

1) ANR 1/06 as PCGS65, Stacks 1/08 as PCGS65, Simpson-Heritage 9/20 PCGS66 with a void in field on reverse at 3:00

2) Kagins 10/82, Superior 10/89 NGC64

One of these is ex Brenner-1914 ANS, Brand, the other ex Woodin, Newcomer

Nickel J1073/P1209 which is unique and ex Brenner-1914 ANS exhibition, Virgil Brand (journal #92500:1177), Armin Brand as the piece appears in a 10/27/36 consignment to B.G. Johnson, unknown intermediaries, Kagins 1/75, Goldberg 10/00 as NGC65, Superior 1/04 as NGC65, Simpson-Heritage 8/21 ANA, Heritage 12/21 - PCGS65, illustrated below courtesy of Ira & Larry Goldberg's Coins & Collectibles.