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This is a fantasy muling incorporating the regular 1839 seated liberty with drapery obverse with the 1838 standing eagle reverse.

2 examples with plain edges were struck from rusted dies circa 1869 or in the early 1870s for the personal collection of Mint Director Henry Linderman as they appeared as lots 122 and 123 in Scott Stamp & Coin Company 2/1888 sale of Linderman's collection.

They are mispedigreed in the Judd and Pollock books. The 2 coins have the following early pedigrees:

1) Linderman (Scott 2/1888), Doughty (NY Coin & Stamp 4/1891), Woodside (NY Coin & Stamp 4/1892 where not sold), Virgil Brand (March 30, 1895 journal #13867)

2) Linderman (Scott 2/1888), Gable (S.H. Chapman 5/1914), Newcomer, Col Green (offered to Boyd on 2/5/43).

Recent pedigrees include:

1) Farouk (part of lot 1731 where misdescribed), Cox-Stacks 4/62, Numismatics Ltd in August 1974, Bass-HWBRF, B/M 5/99, southern collection, Simpson-Heritage 11/20 - PCGS63, illustrated above

2) Menjou (Numismatic Gallery 6/50 lot 987 as a regular 1839 proof subsequently withdrawn), Kosoff 1/23/51, Pittman-Akers 10/97, Superior 9/99, Superior 1/04, Virginia collection, Heritage 1/17 FUN - NGC67, illustrated below.

Regrettably, it is unclear which early pedigree belongs with which.

Photos courtesy of PCGS & Superior.