Click to enlargeFake 1837 Dime Splasher

The following is a fake 1837 Obverse die splasher. It was offered in the Bowers and Merena 11/02 sale. The description follows below.

"Uniface obverse die trial from counterfeit dies intended for a contemporary counterfeit. Struck on a heavy lead splasher. The date is smaller than that found on either genuine 1837 dime obverse, being just 1 mm. tall. Other details are quite crude in workmanship. Russ Logan noted that this weighs 9.00 grams and has a specific gravity of 10.98. As a point of reference, the specific gravity of pure lead is 11.36.

Acquired July 1992 from William L. Subjack. Earlier from Julian Leidman, April 1990."

Photo courtesy of Bowers and Merena.