Comments On United States Pattern Postage Currency Coins
by David Cassel
August 25, 2000

MILTON R. FRIEDBERG, Author and dean of postage and fractional currency notes:

The research behind the publication is outstanding. Your additions of knowledge to the hobby and the creation of a Basic Reference Volume can only be repaid by the self-satisfaction that you must enjoy for a task tremendously well done. Don't stop!

KARL MOULTON, Numismatist and literature specialist

BRAVO AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just completed the first reading of your book, and I must say, all the elements are there for anyone to benefit from opening the covers. It's a true numismatist's volume that will find a most welcome spot in my reference library.

Your style in writing is very easy to read and understand. The details of your beginning interest and subsequent acquisitions are close to every coin collectors heart. So few of us ever put it into words. Then there is the scholarship in the outstanding research. That is perhaps the book's greatest value. To take a relative unknown series and provide so much accurate, useful information to future generations is something of which you can be very proud of doing. Of course, it will take a few more readings to become familiar with the data.

This is simply wonderful in my view. Your acknowledgments are also wonderful and come from the heart. Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope your father is doing well, and that he gets the opportunity to fully appreciate the impact of what he had a hand in helping you with. It was a fitting dedication. Besides, someone of quality needs to go directly after Bowers & Breen on the shelf!

COLONEL WILLIAM BAIN MURRAY, Numismatic author and book reviewer:

I finished my reading of your great book today. What an effort, your book is fantastic. The information you have put out should be a challenge to all whom, for whatever reason must attribute coins. I appreciate the book even more for what you have added to the literature - and to my knowledge, even without in-depth study. It seems too bad only 110 copies will be in existence. I suspect you have put a challenge to Andrew Pollock.

ANDREW POLLOCK III, Numismatist, author United States Pattern and Related Issues and Foreword to United States Pattern Postage Currency Coins.

I received a copy of your nicely produced book yesterday, and look forward to spending several enjoyable hours reading it over the next few days. Best wishes for success.


I did receive the book and it's lovely.

RICK SNOW, Numismatist and author Flying Eagle and Indian Cents

Got the book. Great job.

SAUL TEICHMAN, Numismatist, Charter Member #4 -

You did a terrific job especially with the analysis of the die breaks and emission sequencing. I'm sure it is going to raise some eyebrows.

WAYNE HOMREN, Editor E-Sylum, Bibliomania Society

Your book arrived last week - it looks great! You've done a lot of work, and have a marvelous collection of Postage Currency patterns.

MARK RUSH, Collector

I received your book Saturday and it looks TRULY fascinating. The color pictures are especially impressive.

RON GUTH. Numismatist, Coin Facts:

I received your pattern book today and was very impressed. You've done a great job of recording and analyzing these pieces! I look forward to many long hours digesting your "magnum opus." Congratulations on a job well done.