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1920 5 Cent on Copper Planchet

The following 1920 Buffalo Nickel is struck on a full size copper planchet of the same diameter, thickness, and weight of a Buffalo Nickel. Its composition is 89% CU, 8% ZN and 3% SN. The weight is 4.96 grams which is 76.54 grains. It has since been graded NGCAU50 and was last offered in Heritage's 7/02 sale and was probably struck on stock intended for a Peruvian 1 centavo.

Photo courtesy of Michael Byers.

This unique Off-Metal Buffalo Nickel is unreported in Breen, Judd or Pollock but an example does appear in the inventory journals of Eric Newman and B.G. Johnson's purchases from the Col Green collection circa 1940 as shown below courtesy of Eric P. Newman, Stuart Levine and Leonard Augsburger.